Pakistani Cricket Players Salary 2024

Pakistani cricket players get a good package of salary after the new contract comes into effect in 2024. With the new deal, all Pakistani cricketers now receive their fair share of national team dues. Pakistan Cricket Board resolves all financial obligations related to player salaries and welfare depending on the category of the national team.

Pakistani Cricket Players Salary

Pakistan cricketers salary described in Category as per 2024 Update.

Number 1: Category A

1: Babar Azam Salary Per Month: 4.5 million Pakistani rupees per month as per ($15,500 per month) 4,458,232.45 Pakistani Rupee.

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2: Mohammad Rizwan Salary Per Month: $15,500 per month 4,458,232.45 Pakistani Rupees.

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3: Shaheen Afridi Salary Per Month: $15,500 per month 4,458,232.45 Pakistani Rupees.

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Category B:

Shadab Khan Salary Per Month: 3 million rupees per month ($10,000 per month) 2,876,279.00 Pakistani Rupee.

4: Fakhar Zaman Salary Per Month: $10,000 per month 2,876,279.00 Pakistani Rupee.

5: Haris Rauf Salary Per Month: $10,000 per month 2,876,279.00 Pakistani Rupee.

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6: Naseem Shah Salary Per Month: $10,000 per month 2,876,279.00 Pakistani Rupee.

7: Imam-ul-Haq Salary Per Month: $10,000 per month 2,876,279.00 Pakistani Rupee.

8: Mohammad Nawaz Salary Per Month : $10,000 per month 2,876,279.00 Pakistani Rupee.

Category C

9: Imad Wasim Salary Per Month : 1.75 million rupees per month ($6,000 per month) 1,725,767.40 Pakistani Rupee.

10: Abdullah Shafique Salary Per Month : $6,000 per month 1,725,767.40 Pakistani Rupee.

Category D

  • Fakhar Zaman Salary Per Month
  • Hasan ALi
  • Iftikhar Ahmed
  • Sarfara Ahmed
  • Saud Shakeel
  • Shan Masood
  • Ihsanullah
  • Mohammad Haris
  • Mohammad Wasim Jr
  • Saim Ayub
  • Agha Salman
  • Shahnawaz Dahani
  • Usama Mir
  • and Zaman Khan Salary Per Month is Given Below.

All of Pakistani Cricket Team players that are on 8 category get: 500,000 rupees per month ($1,700 per month). 488,967.43 Pakistani Rupee.

How do Pakistani cricketers get paid in 2024?

Pakistani cricketers are paid as per PCB’s category schedule. Players are grouped into four categories, A through D, and receive payouts based on each placement.

Category A players like Babar Azam and Mohammed Rizwan receive up to 50% more per month than Category B cricketers. Category B cricketers are paid more than Category C cricketers, while D players are paid the lowest among other players.

In some cases, Pakistani players may be eligible for bonuses if they perform well in international competitions such as the upcoming T-20 World Cup 2024.

Do Pakistani players get equal pay for Test cricket?

Pakistani players do not receive the same salary every time they play Test cricket. A cricketer can receive an amount ranging from 37,500 to 50,000 PKR for participating in Test cricket. The pay scale generally sees Category A players like Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi higher up the Test cricket wage ladder than other players.

How much does PCB pay for ODI?

Pakistan features in ODIs every year and the Falcons are expected to participate in at least nine ODI encounters throughout 2024. Each Pakistani cricketer will be paid between 14,500 and 25,000 PKR for playing in the lineup against the opposition in ODIs. Likewise, Category A players receive more benefits per game than Category B, C, and D players.

How much do Pakistani players get for T20?

Pakistan will continue their T20I battle when they host West Indies in February-March. Each cricketer from the Men in Green will be paid between 10,000 and 15,000 PKR for participating in every T20 match involving Pakistan this season.

Do Pakistani players receive an undisclosed fee?

Yes, at least four Pakistani cricketers have not been completely released from their payment structures after signing new contracts. Cricketers like Imran Butt, Fawad Khan, Azhar Ali, Yasir Shah and Fawaz Alam appear to have some sections of their new contracts undisclosed.

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